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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I think about you everyday

      My only sister has been missing since November 2009. I would like to ask for help in trying to locate her. She is desperate need of some serious help. My fear is that if we don't find her soon, something bad will happen to her. She is and has been using god only knows what kinds of drugs, which will alter her ability to make good chooses or decissions. My mother and father suffer every passing day not knowing if she is alive, dead, hurt or in jail. We have tried so many times in the past five to seven years to help my sister with her problems, but she is a very good munipulator. You would think a professional therapist, or head doctor would be able to tell when someone is feeding them what they want to hear.. But thats just how good my sister was at convinencing people that she didnt have any problems. She lost custody of her three chilldren and it did not phase her one bit. She continued down the wrong road even with family support. We were taking her to NA meetings, counselors, different meetings and programs. Just to find out she was still using. Still dealing with the same people.
     There is a missing persons report filed through the New Jersey State Police please take a minute and stop by this web link: The police department is not that interested in finding her. They basically are sitting back waiting for Natalie to get caught doing something. I feel like I have done more foot work looking for my sister than the police have.. I catch myself driving downtown Camden, NJ searching for my sister. I have no clue where to even begin to start looking for her. I feel if I'm out looking I have a better chance at maybe oneday actually spotting her.
Please I am asking for anyone who has seen her to please notify the police ASAP. I dont care what anyones situation is or was. I feel everyone deserves a chance to better themselves. My sister needs some help at getting her second chance.. She is loved by many and missed by more.. Please help me find Natalie so my family can have some peace...and hopefully a resolution..